If we've chosen to adopt to you, it is because we have reviewed your application and references, and feel you would be a great parent to one of our dogs, puppies, cat or kittens.

Poochies Pet Rescue Adoption Application

There are some things that you should expect from us and some things that we expect from you.
Things you should expect from us--

1- Expect that we have done our best to evaluate a cat/kitten/dog/pup prior to placement, but that due to being moved into a new home with new people, the dog may present with behaviors that we had not seen.

2- Expect that your new pet may take several weeks to adjust to life with you. Most of our dogs have not had a great beginning, dumped in a kill shelter and some of them have never experienced a kind word or home environment until they came to us. If you are expecting an instant transition and no issues, then you're probably not ready for a pet.

3- Expect that when you adopt we will ALWAYS care about and love the pets and we will always do our best to help if you're having issues. That may come in the form of advice, or if it is something beyond our capabilities we will point you in the right direction to find the help you need.

4- Expect that if something happens and the pet does not work out, we will either take the pet back or find a new home while the pet remains with you. We will NOT turn our backs on our pet, as we love them just like our own. 

5- Expect that we will follow up and we will make sure the pet is doing well and being properly vetted.

6- Unfortunately this needs to be said- Expect that if you do not adhere to the contract, we will not be happy and we will take action to correct the situation. It is with great sadness that I even include this comment, but after a recent event, I feel it is necessary.

7- Expect that this is a "life-long relationship" between the pet, the rescue, and you.  Adopting from us makes you apart of our family.

8- Expect that we will bend over backwards to make sure that the pets are happy and loved. We do what it takes to make magic happen for these babies.

9- Expect us to be very grateful, thankful, and inspired by the fact that you've adopted and love your new fur-baby. Without YOU, we wouldn't be able to save these dogs. It is YOUR heart and soul that keeps the rescue going.

What we expect of you as the adopter

1- We expect you to love and cherish your new family member.

2- We expect that if you're having an issue you come to us and ask for help. We want this to succeed and we will help in any way we can.

3- We expect you to follow the contract to the letter, unless we've agreed to other terms at some point. Occasionally, for instance, a vet will decide that a pup is still to small to spay/neuter, and we always follow the vet's direction, so we would make an exception to our spay/neuter by date.

4- We expect that when we contact you, that you will give us feedback on how your pet is doing with you and your family.    

In conclusion

Rescue takes teamwork and every single adopter is part of the team, a member of the family. Without you, rescue doesn't happen 99.9999% of our adopters are amazing, wonderful people and we know that our pets are in the right homes with you and that they couldn't ask for a better life.

Unfortunately there is that tiny percentage that has made this post necessary :(  To the rest of our adopters, we want to thank you and tell you how special you are. You are angels <3 and we love you <3

Poochies Pet Rescue Adoption Application